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Murder Mysteries

With an extensive list of themes to choose from we can create the perfect murder mystery for you.


Look for evidence, unravel the clues.


Murder By Dinner


'Murder On the Dance Floor'  'Meet the Mafia' - 'Gypsy Disasters' - 'Russian Roulette'

Special occassions: Christmas, Halloween, Easter Special, Summer Sizzlers....

A Bit of a Do!

'Here comes the Bride.....Or does she?'

You will be invited as the guest to the 'Theatrical Reality Wedding or Civil Partnership' event of the century.

Become a supporting cast member alongside the professionals but - and this is a very big but - everything that can go wrong, will!

Guest of the bride or groom?  When it all goes pear shaped, it won't matter! Gypsy wedding, Greek Wedding, Italian Wedding, Irish Wedding.....Tailor-made.......

Banquet Nights

Featuring Medieval Banquets, Tudor Nights - Henry VIII and the Tudor Court. Nostalgia with second World War themed evenings. Meet the Victorians or take a trip down the Nile, experience the Cantebury Tales or choose from our many themes. contact us now and simply tell us what you want!

Corporate Entertainment

Faulty Towers Themed Nights 

Basil, Sybil and Manuel, serve up a priceless 3–course dinner with comedy sketches performed throughout the meal.


Expect a fun - filled night in a friendly party atmosphere with some of the finest comedy around.


A hillarious show that guarantees to make you laugh out loud and chuckle all the way home!

Allo Allo Themed Nights 

Pop along to this ‘umble cafe for a night to remember as Rene juggles the Gestapo, the Resistance, his secret affairs and his wife, Edith.

A hilarious comedy dinner show not to be missed.

FILM: Have your event filmed to capture the memory of a magical evening of interactive entertainment!

Fabulous Costumes! Dazzling Dance Routines! Dynamic Interactive Drama!

Spectacular Songs, Singers and Sing A Longs!





Interactive, Theatrical, Comedy Events, Fun, Tailor-made.

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